NMEA 2000 Barometer YDBC-05

NMEA 2000 Digital Barometer Package

The NMEA 2000 Barometer from Yacht Devices is a highly accurate atmospheric pressure sensor.

The barometer allows atmospheric pressure readings to be displayed on chart plotters and instrument displays and can usually be graphed to display trends indicating changing weather conditions.

By connecting to digital switching hardware the barometric pressure can be used to warn of a rise or fall in pressure, enabling an alarm or visual representation of a rapid change in air pressure.

Digital Barometer Features

  • Provides barometer readings from 300 to 1100 hPa or mbar
  • Factory calibrated with a further +/- 10 hPa calibration possible for local conditions
  • Logs the previous 48 hours of data to internal memory
  • Plug and play operation
  • Absolute pressure accuracy +/- 1 hPa
  • Powered from the NMEA 2000 network. No other power source is required.
NMEA 2000 Digital Barometer YDBC-05
Yacht Devices YDBC-05 Barometer Sensor datasheet
B&G Display showing digital barometer YDBC-05
B&G Display showing digital barometer readings
SIMRAD Go displaying digital barometer reading YDBC-05

Related products

  • The web gauges and dashboards in the NMEA 2000/ NMEA0183 Wi-Fi Routers and Gateways and Ethernet Gateway can display the current pressure reading as well as generate trend graphs.
  • The Text Display product can display the barometric pressure as a current value along with other available data.
  • The free CANLog Viewer software is able to allow firmware upgrades, configure the YDBC-05 and display measurements.
Digital Barometer Installation Video

New to NMEA 2000?

If you are new to NMEA 2000 don’t worry. We have all the knowledge required to assist you connecting the barometer including if you don’t have an existing NMEA2000 network we can supply a NMEA 2000 Starter Kit.

NMEA 2000 Digital Barometer Dimensions YDBC-05

Manufacturers Product Page: NMEA 2000 Digital Barometer

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