NMEA2000 Voyage Recorder YDVR-04

NMEA2000 Voyage Recorder YDVR-04 with Audio

The NMEA2000 Voyage Recorder YDVR-04 from Yacht Devices allows you to capture and record GPS tracks, wind, AIS, depth, temperature or any data flowing around your NMEA2000 network.

By logging all your data to the NMEA2000 Voyage Recorder YDVR-04 you can record your cruising voyages. You can use it for keeping your memories alive from great passages, record evidence of strong winds and storms, analyse your race performance and even generate log books for diagnostic and maintenance purposes.

Because the NMEA2000 Voyage Recorder YDVR-04 only records the data on your NMEA2000 network to MicroSD card inserted into the device and it does not perform any analysis on the data, it supports all messages on your network. You can simply use any available software package to analyse the recorded data.

This model can also record audio. This is great to connect to the line out on a VHF radio to capture audio. This audio is saved in .wav format which can be listened to by many different software programs.

NMEA2000 YDVR-04 Features

  • Records all data on your NMEA2000 network to microSD card
  • Configurable logging intervals from 1 sec to 5 mins
  • Captures audio from VHF radio line out
  • Connect a microphone and record logs that are date/time stamped
  • Plug and play operation
  • On average a 16GB microSD card can hold 100-200 days of sailing
  • Includes software to convert recordings for use in many popular software packages
  • Can be used to “replay” recorded NMEA2000 data to diagnose faults.
  • Powered from the NMEA 2000 network. No other power source is required.
NMEA2000 Voyage Recorder YDVR-04 Device
Yacht Devices YDVR-04 Voyage Recorder Datasheet
NMEA2000 Voyage Recorder YDVR-04 Plot of wind data
Record and graph wind data or any other logged parameter

PC software can convert Voyage Recorder data to OpenSkipperCanBoat and Signal K formats. You can diagnose N2K problems using the free and open source OpenSkipper. This product can “replay” NMEA 2000 recordings and has an excellent log viewer. You may load Voyage Recorder data to OpenSkipper and decode all N2K messages.

We also recommend paying attention to free CAN Log Viewer software, it can “play” your data recordings on a PC screen in real time and help in analyzing of network problems.

Yacht Devices Voyage Recorder Installation Demo

New to NMEA2000?

If you are new to NMEA 2000 don’t worry. We have all the knowledge required to assist you connecting the Voyage Recorder including if you don’t have an existing NMEA2000 network we can supply a NMEA 2000 Starter Kit.

NMEA2000 Voyage Recorder YDVR-04 Drawing

Manufacturers Product Page: NMEA 2000 Voyage Recorder

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