CAN Log Viewer : Freeware

CAN Log Viewer software is a free viewer, player, recorder and converter of CAN (Controller Area Network) logs. It can play your CAN recordings or display live data from our USB and Wi-Fi gateways on a PC screen in real time and highlight changing data.

Since version 1.10, the program can list NMEA 2000 devices and show their properties (product and configuration information). If the program is connected using USB Gateway YDNU-02 or Wi-Fi Gateway YDWG-02, it also can enumerate NMEA 2000 devices, change its network addresses, device and system instances, configuration information (some manufacturers use it to change device's settings), and update firmware of supported devices.

Datasheet / Brochure

CAN logs contain network level data and compatible with any high level protocol, including J1939 and NMEA 2000. This simple tool will help you:

  • view live and recorded network data in binary and readable form (using built-in viewers available for major J1939 and NMEA 2000 data types);
  • list, configure and update NMEA 2000 devices 
  • display historical data from our sensors;
  • manage 84 loads from 3 digital switching banks;
  • view Raymarine SeaTalk NG log files;
  • identify what data are available on the network;
  • with setup and troubleshooting of NMEA 2000 and J1939 equipment (more than 2000 J1939 DTC descriptions in database);
  • analyze unknown CAN protocols 
  • convert log files to a spreadsheet and text formats for future processing;
  • convert data prepared in a spreadsheet file for playing on a physical CAN network by Voyage Recorder;
  • convert CAN logs with NMEA 2000 data to the format of YDVR Converter software (.DAT file);
  • analyze recordings of Engine Gateway and NMEA 2000 Bridge;
  • monitor live data from NMEA 2000 USB Gateway and NMEA 2000 Wi-Fi Gateway;
  • record .CAN files from serial, TCP and UDP ports of NMEA 2000 USB Gateway and NMEA 2000 Wi-Fi Gateway.


Available viewers:

  • major J1939 data (two engines supported);
  • J1939 active diagnostic trouble codes (DTC);
  • all NMEA 2000 engine data (two engines supported);
  • major NMEA 2000 environmental data;
  • major NMEA 2000 navigation data.


This product was designed as a supporting tool for various hardware products of our company, but all data formats are open (see the Manual) and data conversion to and from CSV (Comma Separated Values) is supported.


Download here (28MB)