Yanmar Engine Compatibility with Yacht Devices YDEG-04 Engine Gateway

Traditionally selected Yanmar 4JH series diesel engines have been compatible with the Yacht Devices YDEG-04 Engine Gateway. This remains for Yanmar 4JH series (selected models) and recently Yacht Devices have added further engine series to the compatible engines list.

If your engine includes either a B25 or C35 control panel than it is compatible with the Yacht Devices YDEG-04 Engine Gateway when combined with their B25/C35 Yanmar Adaptor cable.

Yanmar C35 Panel shown. B25 Panel is identical without analogue gauges on left hand side.

B25/C35 Yanmar Adaptor

Yanmar B25/C35 Adaptor shown. This adaptor connects inline at the rear of the B25/C35 panel. and then connects to the 6 pin Deutsch connector on the YDEG-04 Engine Gateway.

If you have twin engines you will require a YDEG-04 plus Yanmar B25/C35 adaptor for each engine. The great advantage of this adaptor is that it connects at the control panel rather than at the engine side. This is better for connecting the engine gateway to your NMEA2000 network (as it is usually closer to the panel than the engine) and also keeps it away from the engine room environment.

Yanmar B25/C35 adaptor connection location

The red box above indicates where the B25/C35 adaptor harness connects.

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