Engine Gateway adaptor cables

The YDEG-04 Engine Gateway from Yacht Devices supports most Volvo Penta engines without the need for an adaptor cable. For all other compatible engines an adaptor cable is required to ease with installation.

EVC/Vodia 8-pin adaptor cable

EVC-A multisensor adaptor cable

EVC-A MC 12-pin C5:ENGINE cable

EFI 10-pin adaptor cable

Caterpillar Display 12-pin cable

Caterpillar Round 9-pin adapter

Cummins Round 9-pin adaptor 

Yanmar 4JH adaptor cable

Yanmar B25/C35 adaptor

SmartCraft 10-pin adaptor (Mercury, MerCruiser)

J1708 Gateway Adaptors – YDES-04

Caterpillar 9 pin round adaptor