CAN Log Viewer Software

Yacht Devices CAN Log Viewer software screenshot

The CAN Log Viewer software from Yacht Devices is a free software application to display, record, view and help diagnose NMEA 2000 networks.

The software is capable of converting CAN Log files and replaying them in realtime while also highlighting changing values. This tool is a must have for diagnosing and troubleshooting a NMEA 2000 network. The software should work across all manufacturers of NMEA 2000 hardware and is not locked to just Yacht Devices making it especially useful.

CAN Log Viewer Software Features

  • Free Software tool
  • View raw CAN data from the NMEA 2000 network
  • Can be used to configure a number of Yacht Devices Products
  • Identify all available data on the network
  • Analyse recordings from the Engine Gateway
  • Display historically logged data from a selection of Yacht Devices sensors
  • View SeaTalk NG Log files
  • Convert log files to spreadsheets for further processing
  • Firmware update of selected Yacht Devices products
CANLog free NMEA 2000 software datasheet

CAN Log Viewer is compatible with Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. This software is freeware and you may distribute it in an unmodified form without any special permission.

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