NMEA 2000 Rudder Adaptor YDRA-01

The NMEA 2000 Rudder Adaptor from Yacht Devices is designed to connect existing resistive type rudder angle sensors to your NMEA2000 network and supply autopilots, chart plotters and other devices with the rudder angle.

The Rudder Adaptor can be used with any rudder angle sensor with a maximum resistance less than 400 ohms, this includes the European (10 to 180ohm) and American (240 to 33 ohm) sensors and with a 0 -5V output.

Rudder Angle Adaptor YDRA-01 Wiring

The Rudder Adaptor can be installed standalone or together with a digital gauge, or in parallel with an existing analogue gauge (2 coils and 1 coil gauges are supported, see above).

The Rudder Adaptor includes a MicroSD card slot which allows configuration, firmware updates, diagnostics and data logging capabilities. No special software is required to program the adaptor, simply use a standard text editor program to complete.

Rudder Adaptor Features

  • Provides rudder angle data to new NMEA 2000 Chartplotters and Autopilots
  • Allows 7 point calibration to compensate for non-linearity of resistive sensors
  • Logs the previous 48 hours of data to internal memory
  • Plug and play operation
  • Can be used for trim tabs instead (May require 2 adaptors)
  • Powered from the NMEA 2000 network. No other power source is required.
Yacht Devices YDRA-01 Rudder Angle Adaptor Datasheet

New to NMEA 2000?

If you are new to NMEA 2000 don’t worry. We have all the knowledge required to assist you connecting the Rudder Adaptor including if you don’t have an existing NMEA2000 network we can supply a NMEA 2000 Starter Kit.

YDRA Rudder Schematic

Manufacturers Product Page: NMEA 2000 Rudder Adaptor

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