NMEA 2000 Circuit Control YDCC-04

Yacht Devices Circuit Control YDCC-04 Unboxed

The NMEA 2000 Circuit Control YDCC-04 from Yacht Devices allows digital switching of up to 4 AC/DC channels via latching relays from your chart plotter, web page or connected buttons.

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The NMEA 2000 Circuit Control YDCC-04 is the core of the digital switching system. As well as connected buttons, loads can be managed from modern chart plotters, or from virtual buttons on the web gauges of our Wi-Fi gateway or automatically from sensors. You can use the NMEA 2000 Switch Control YDSC-04 in addition to duplicate physical buttons and indicators remotely.

Yacht Devices Circuit Control YDCC-04 360deg tour

The image above shows how the float switch of the bilge pump and the bilge pump are connected to the circuit control. The button with integrated LED switches the bilge pump between manual and automatic modes, and indicates the actual state. The bilge pump could also be controlled from your mobile device using the webpages within the NMEA 2000 Wi-Fi Gateway (which is connected to the 2-way NMEA 2000 connector). The pump can also be managed from buttons connected to the Yacht Devices Switch Control (YDSC-04).

Electrical Characteristics

  • Four channels; two with normally open contacts (ON-OFF) and two with switching contacts
  • Latching (bi-stable) relays consume electricity only during the process of switching and stay in their last state after the device is powered off.
  • Maximum constant load current per channel is 10A, peak is 20A (4 seconds duty cycle 10%)
  • Capable of switching the direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) loads up to 400V
  • High voltage isolation with a load, 5000V RMS
  • Average device consumption is only 30mA
Yacht Devices YDCC-04 Basic Example
Basic system with single circuit control unit.
Yacht Devices Circuit Control YDCC-04 Typical Example
Typical system with multiple control panels
Yacht Devices Circuit Control YDCC-04 Parallel Example
Parallel loads, synchronised control circuit units
Yacht Devices Circuit Control YDCC-04 Independent example
Two independent digital switching systems (Different bank numbers)

The Yacht Devices NMEA 2000 Circuit Control YDCC-04 can work in parallel with other units and be managed from multiple switch control units with a matched bank number. Multiple independent digital switching systems (with different bank numbers) can co-exist in one NMEA 2000 network.

Yacht Devices Circuit Control YDCC-04 Raymarine Axiom example
Raymarine Axiom 7″ with two YDCC units

You can manage the loads connected to the Circuit Control from most modern chart plotters with CZone support. This includes Garmin, Lowrance, Simrad, B&G, Furuno and recent models from Raymarine (Axiom, eS and gS series). EmpirBus digital switching products are not yet supported.

The Circuit Control and Switch Control devices are designed to be compatible with Oceanic Systems, Offshore Systems, Chetco Digital, Marathon and Carling Tech displays and relay modules, and with other NMEA 2000 digital switching devices managed with PGN 127501 “Binary Status Report” and PGN 127502 “Binary Switch Control”

Yacht Devices Digital Switching Demo


  • Compatible with a wide range of equipment.
  • No special button requirements. You can choose any momentary push buttons to match your boats interior.
  • No special knowledge, software or hardware is required for installation
  • Any type of load is supported, (AC or DC, audio)
  • No heating, no extra power consumption
  • Pure NMEA 2000 product, compliant to the standard
  • High voltage isolation with the load.

New to NMEA 2000?

If you are new to NMEA 2000 don’t worry. We have all the knowledge required to assist you connecting the Circuit Control including if you don’t have an existing NMEA2000 network we can supply a NMEA 2000 Starter Kit.

Yacht Devices Circuit Control YDCC-04 Drawing

Manufacturers Product Page: NMEA 2000 Circuit Control

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