What type of NMEA 2000 device connectors do I need?

There are a few different types of NMEA 2000 device connectors in the market. Although the connectors are different the underlying network is still NMEA 2000. Raymarine’s version of the NMEA 2000 is called SeatalkNG, whereas Simrad’s network is called SimNet. The industry generally uses the Micro C connector range, sometimes referred to as DeviceNet.

There are adaptors available to connect between these brand specific connectors so there is nothing to worry about being locked into a particular brand.

NMEA 2000 Micro C Multiport device
Micro C multiport device
Raymarine SeaTalkNG backbone device
Raymarine SeaTalk NG multiport device

The underlying topology of these networks is the same as they must adhere to the NMEA 2000 standards.

Since the Micro C NMEA 2000 device connectors are becoming more and more universally used they are our preference for the Yacht Devices hardware we sell. However if you have an all SeatalkNg network then we can direct you to a suitable adapter cable to ensure your Yacht Device will connect to this network.

Once you have your NMEA 2000 network ready to go you can start adding some of the useful Yacht Devices products to your boat. We have devices to put all your boating data onto Wi-Fi and in the palm of your hand on your tablet or mobile device. There are devices for connecting and monitoring your engine from your chart plotter or monitoring temperatures of equipment and locations onboard. These are just some of the useful products we have.