Operation of the J1939 Engine Gateway

This post outlines the operation of the J1939 Engine Gateway YDEG-04 from Yacht Devices. Topics include support for different engine makes and models as well as configuration and troubleshooting. Do I need two J1939 Engine Gateways for twin engines? This will depend on if your engines are joined using a sync cable to a single … Read more

Raymarine Seatalk Protocols

Are you confused by all the Raymarine Seatalk protocols you see labelled all over devices these days? This brief article breaks down the main differences and support for each Seatalk protocol. Seatalk 1 This is the original Raymarine networking protocol and consists of 3 wires, red, black and yellow. A Seatalk 1 network consists of … Read more

What type of NMEA 2000 device connectors do I need?

There are a few different types of NMEA 2000 device connectors in the market. Although the connectors are different the underlying network is still NMEA 2000. Raymarine’s version of the NMEA 2000 is called SeatalkNG, whereas Simrad’s network is called SimNet. The industry generally uses the Micro C connector range, sometimes referred to as DeviceNet. … Read more

Can I connect NMEA 2000 devices directly to my Chart plotter?

To connect NMEA 2000 to a chart plotter you are required to have a basic NMEA 2000 network first, this requires a backbone (1), power source injector (5) and termination resistors (3) as a minimum. You then connect your Yacht Device or other NMEA 2000 hardware to a T-piece directly or via a drop cable … Read more