YDEG-04 Engine Gateway Confirmed Working Installs

When we sell a Yacht Devices YDEG-04 Engine Gateway we always like to do our homework before the sale is completed to ensure the gateway will work with your engine. While not an exhaustive list we have put together a selection of some of the engines we have supplied the YDEG-04 for and if any adaptor cables are required along with any relevant notes.

As always, even if you see your engine model listed below do not assume it is compatible. Please contact us with the full model, serial number and any photos you have of the control panels or anything else you feel is relevant to assist us in confirming compatibility.

We will happily program all engine gateways we sell for free.

MakeModelAdaptor RequiredNotes
Volvo Penta5.7 OSXi-GVodia 8 pinRequires programming
Volvo Penta5.0GXi-F (AQ)Vodia 8 PinRequires programming
Volvo PentaDP-435 KANoConnect to HCU or EVC Tacho
Volvo PentaD12EVC-A MC 12-pin C5:ENGINERequires programming
CumminsQSM11Smartcraft adaptor or Cummins 9 pin roundRequires programming
Volvo PentaD3 160hpEVC-A MC 12-pin C5:ENGINERequires programming
NanniAny with interactive displayNanni adaptorRequires programming
Volvo PentaD4 260No
Volvo PentaD55NNo
MANAny with J1939 module installedDIY adaptor requiredMMDS-CLC and Murphy PV-101 displays = compatible
SteyrSE286e40Rewire gateway 6 pin
Volvo PentaD1-30B (2008)No
Volvo PentaD2-55ENo
Yanmar4JH57Yanmar 4JH adaptorCan also rewire another adapt.
Yanmar4JH80Yanmar 4JH or B25/C35 adaptorAdaptor choice depends on control panel
Mercury50HP 4 stroke (2005)Smartcraft adaptorMay require special programming
CumminsQSB 5.9Smartcraft adaptorRequires programming
CaterpillarC12Caterpillar 12 pin display adaptor
Volvo PentaD4-260NoConnect to Multilink bus
Caterpillar3412eCaterpillar 12 pin display adaptor
Volvo Penta5.7 Gi-300-NMaybe, depends on tachometer used
Volvo Penta4.30 GxiE-MRewire current or Vodia adaptor
Volvo Penta5.7 OSi-EVodia 8 pin adaptorRequires Programming
Volvo Penta200-ARewire gateway 6 pin for VodiaRequires Programming
Volvo PentaD6-480NoConnect to Multilink bus

You can view further details on the Yacht Devices Product Page