Caterpillar Engine Data Display

If your Caterpillar engine panel looks like this you should have support for displaying this data into your MFD.

Utilising the Yacht Devices Caterpillar Display 12 pin adaptor will allow you to connect into the engine harness to the display panel.

It is a plug and play operation and because the Yacht Devices YDEG-04 only listens on the Caterpillar J1939 network and never transmits, therefore it is completely safe and will never interfere with engine controls.

Shown on the right is the adaptor cable required to connect the Yacht Devices YDEG-04 to the Caterpillar Display.

You will require a YDEG-04 and adaptor cable for each engine.

If you have twin engines we can program the gateways prior to shipping to ease installation.